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Solutions To Improve Our Thinking, Learning, Leading, and Ultimately Our Living


I had the pleasure of working with Carla for more than eight years as she led a team whose responsibilities included oversight of a seven figure print buy. When she arrived on the scene we were concerned about how this “academic” might handle what seemed to be completely out of her wheelhouse. She exceeded our expectations in every way possible and took her team to new levels of effectiveness. She is a great leader, team builder, and businessperson. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with her.

Steve Anzalone

Former President & COO, Harding Poorman

Having worked with Carla for the past eight years, I have been impressed by Carla's uncanny ability to teach and lead. From an instructional design perspective, she innately understands how to tailor a program to its audience. She can easily grasp the totality of a learning program and create a structure that deepens learner engagement and improves retention. Carla is professional and adds a tremendous amount of value and intellectual firepower to any project.

Laura Town

President, WilliamsTown Communications

Carla has been a treasured source of professional insight for me. She provided me with the courage to strike out on my own and helped open doors for me to take the initial steps required to create a virtual company--which has grown into a thriving, prosperous business now almost seven years old. Carla's expertise, business savvy, and emotional support have been an invaluable source of encouragement for me as I have built my career and business.

Carla Grubb

Owner, The Finished Product

Carla has been a wonderful mentor and resource for me for many years. I can always depend on her to provide thoughtful insight into any situation. Because she is a natural leader and teacher, Carla teaches even when she is just talking and hanging out. As a designer with 15 years experience, I would also add that she is quite skilled in art direction and visual design for instructional purposes.

Aidreen Hart

Former Team Member and Current Co-Owner, The QuadFactor Business Solutions

Carla is a true professional! I have enjoyed working with her as an advisor, a co-worker, and a friend. She continually provides a new perspective to me, no matter what the issue or topic. Every time I'm with her, I hope her "smartness" wears off on me a little bit more!

JoDee Curtis, CPA, SPHR

Owner, Purple Ink llc

A Message From A Course Participant

This course from Carla A Downing is a blessing from the Gods!

I appreciate the great lengths she's gone to, to help me explore how my children may learn best. Carla's simplified a huge topic into a succinct and actionable course! (even for the most hectic lifestyles)... Her delivery is SO eloquent, engaging & encouraging. The follow up discussions are just as short, fun & exciting too! I will share this with every parent I know!!! 

Thank you, Mr RH (daddy of 2)